Journal of Case Research and Inquiry
Western Casewriters Association


The Journal of Case Research and Inquiry seeks submissions of teaching case studies, consulting case studies, pedagogical notes, exercises and articles related to case research, teaching with cases, and related pedagogical issues. All submissions to JCRI are double blind peer-reviewed. All published papers are available full-text online and free of charge.

Cases. The journal seeks cases that address significant contemporary issues faced by organizations and mangers in the areas of business and public administration, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, economics, education, and public policy. Teaching cases are primarily intended to support classroom instruction, including decision-making and the application of theory and best practices, and may or may not require a managerial decision. Teaching cases are necessarily accompanied by Teaching Instructor Manuals (TIMs) that are not published but may be provided to instructors. Consulting cases ask the reader to develop solutions to issues faced by managers and organizations, with emphasis on practical solutions; these cases may be appropriate for midterm or final exams or other consulting assignments. Consulting cases are accompanied by detailed Consulting Instructor Manuals (CIMs). All cases, IMs, notes, exercises, and articles are double blind peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. Cases may be derived from primary field research, secondary research, or a combination of both. JCRI does not accept fictional cases, nor manuscripts previously published elsewhere. Case authors are required to obtain release forms, when necessary, from the organizations studied. Because JCRI is an online journal, cases employing multimedia methods and links to web resources are especially welcome.

Articles, Notes, and Exercises. Pedagogical notes that accompany a given case may be submitted to the journal; notes may be summaries of industry characteristics and trends, or theoretical or legal analyses that complement a case. JCRI also seeks scholarly articles addressing significant issues related to case research, case writing, teaching with cases, and related pedagogical issues. Exercises that allow for a “case-like” experience are welcome and will be peer-reviewed.

Submissions. Authors of cases, articles, notes, and exercises should adhere to the submission guidelines posted on the journal website www.jcri.org. Submissions and inquiries may be made to the editor at editor@jcri.org. Information about the Western Casewriters Association can be found at www.westerncasewriters.org