JCRI Submission Guidelines

Authors should submit manuscripts electronically to editor@jcri.org.  All submissions must follow the JCRI submission guidelines.  The minimum requirements for submission shall be:

When submitting manuscripts, authors should submit two WORD files, attached to a single email to editor@jcri.org.  Each file sent to the journal should be saved with a name that clearly identifies the manuscript short title, type of manuscript, and date. At no place in any document except the Submission Form should authors be identified.

The first WORD file should contain the SUBMISSION FORM and the CASE SYNOPSIS (for cases) or ABSTRACT (for notes or articles). (See submission guidelines). This document contains the information required for contacting the author(s).  It is used only by the editor and authorship is not revealed to reviewers. Please do not send PDF files to the journal.

The second WORD file should contain the CASE and INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL (IM) for cases, or the NOTE or ARTICLE. (See submission guidelines).

In all documents submitted, use a size 12 Calibri font, 1 ½ spaced for text.   Use a size 10 Calibri font, single spaced, for Exhibits, Tables, Appendices, Footnotes, Endnotes, Financial Statements, and References.  Leave a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides of all pages. Align text with the left except for major titles, and do not "justify" the text.  Number (starting with 1) all pages of each document. Do not submit more than two files. Include any charts, graphs, figures, images, or photographs in the manuscript in the approximate place where it should be included. While IMs, notes, and articles may be written in the present tense, by convention all cases should be written in the past tense (e.g., "In 2015, Widgets-R-Us was the global leader in widget manufacturing.")

JCRI is an online publication.   Case authors are encouraged to include photos, maps, links to websites, embedded videos and other features that take advantage of the internet.